The Beginning

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The Beginning
Sometimes the best way to start is to, well...start. So today, right here, right now, I’m starting. A little background is always a good place to begin so that all y’all can understand how we got from where we were to where we are. 
Don (husband), mom (self-explanatory), and I moved to Hiawassee, Ga in 2016 from mine and mom's hometown, all our life hometown. We have lived, me and Don, in a “fifth wheel” until now. Mom got the house, she’s 91 this year, seemed fair that she should have a house to live in :)! Even though we love our fifth wheel, we have decided that it is probably a good idea to build something a little more permanent than our 400 sq. ft. house on wheels.  
So, this is the beginning of how we’re gonna do that! We're inviting y’all to come along, and see how we go from our 400 square foot camper, to our 600 square foot, or there about, lake house cottage. 
Here’s a few shots of the site.
You can see the shed where the camper used to live, that’s gonna be our carport. You can never fully appreciate cover until you have "not” had any cover for your car. Let me tell you, it is a nice feature! Furthermore, once you have cover that is connected to your house, well, then you have finally “made it”!!! 
So, the little cottage is gonna sit right in front of that shed. It'll look out on the lake, off to the side of it. Between it and mom’s house is the fire pit, great for those cool mountain nights, operative word here is ”cool”. So, here’s a side note: I DO NOT like the heat, I might mention that more than once.
Here’s a few shots of the pit and the lake…
Okay, so now you’ve seen the lay of the land. Next, I’ll share a few shots of the cottage that inspired us to build, and you might want to check out our YouTube channel (we’re gonna make some “moo…vies”!)
For the record I don’t tweet, here’s where you say, ”Whew”! At least I don’t have to go over there! 
Until next time, thanks for reading, and please share this with all your friends and neighbors!!!

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  • Woot woot! So excited for you guys! Beautiful view!

    Anna on
  • How exciting!

    Sharon Kowall on
  • it is beautiful jayne and don and mrs. warren. so happy for yall. where is my bed going lol. i always loved place on mason creek, but this is beautiful also. greg told me it was going to be very nice. we hope to see your furniture store in near future. u-know, GOD IS GREAT and thank you LORD for our freinds. looking very forward in meeting DON. SINCE WE HAVE SAME NAME I KNOW WE CAN HAVE MANY THINGS IN COMMON, I THINK. see-ya, be safe-DLGANTT

  • What a beautiful area for your new home…can’t wait to follow along with you On this journey .

    Laurie on

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