DCUK Christmas


Ideas for Christmas Gifts from DCUK Its not only the ducklings and duckys that get dressed up at Christmas time. Previously many of the ducks took it upon themselves to hand out the presents around the farm and dress up as snowmen, spotted green and red elves, raindeers and Santa. This year the skiing ducklings and skiing penguins want in on the action, as well as the owls and penguins. It creates a real festive scene about the farm, but the real gift at Christmas, Little Runner Duck wants, is to give them all a loving home, so they can spread their Christmas cheer far and wide. Unique Christmas Gifts This collection of festive feathered friends with their outfits, hats and scarves traverse the farm handing out gifts to our feather friends. They would love to hand out presents in your home, either hiding in stockings or as a display on a window shelf.  Choose your combination family, you can have a duckling snowman, or a penguin snowman, or even an elf ducky! Unusual Christmas Gifts Santa duckling, and even the elves, have their traditional Santas fluffy trimmed hats. Santa has a painted red coat, painted black belt around his belly with fluffy feather fur topped boots and collar ready to take on the winter elements. Perfectly ready for the trip down your chimney this Christmas time.

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