IOD Silicone Paint Blade

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Silicone Paint Blades, pack of 2. Comfortable in your hand, perfect to create lots of texture on projects and furniture- a must-have for any trowel painting technique. 

The IOD Silicone Paint Blade or paint squeegee is a brand new DIY decor tool for applying paint, blending, and creating texture. You can use it for troweling techniques with paint or with texture mediums for raised stenciling. You use less paint than with a paintbrush and can easily save any unused paint by scraping it off the blade and back into the container. 

Small blade has a 65mm (2.5”) blade.
Large blade has a 140mm (5.5”) blade. 
Both are approximately 70mm (2.75”) high and 20mm (0.75”) deep at the thickest point of the handle.


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